Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Evaded by sleep

It is probably one of those nights again where sandman failed to drop by to blow some dust on me to send me into lala land. No, I do not fault him for that as I am probably the one at fault.

It probably started off with the hours I kept while in Europe. With the day long, night short and the long schedule, I spent no more than 4 hours a day asleep while I was there. The meetings and drinkings did not helped either.

While I stayed away longer, I can't help but felt surreal the moment that I came home that I felt a sense of detachment. It does seems like there is a think veil between the reality and myself. Nothing seems real anymore and the sense of detachment while abated slightly, is still there nagging at me.

I cannot really tell what is wrong with me, or for that matter, what is wrong with those around me. I do hope that I get to the bottom of it and soon.

Some associate it with the sense of fatigue, but I do know that there has to be a second wind somewhere and I do hope that I catch it soon during this 2 weeks of ICT.

I really do not know what is wrong, or maybe, just maybe, I know but I am just blocking it out as repression is a way the mind deals with problems that it does not wish to cope.

Either way, I sure hope that I can get all these fixed and real soon.


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