Monday, December 05, 2005

A weekend spilled over

My groomy Friday night was just a prelude to how the weekend had been.
I was just sitting alone in the room and trying the darnest to level my character in MS. Nope, it was not the smoothest run thanks to a workstation that decided to play random reboot and a server that is always too full. Wifey came home late after her OT and her meeting with some of her friends and let me in on the bad news, I am on my own for the weekend.

Nope, she did not skip town, just that I have to start the painting of the new house all on my own and I wasn;t really thrilled about it.

So, saturday morning came and I started off bright and early. Had some fried carrot cake at the food court in Yew Tee, it wasn't fantastic but it will pass.

Now, for those that had done any painting work will realised that the fun part is really the painting....the crummy part is making sure that the paint lands on where you wants to and not all over the place. Despite the fact that I am only doing the kitchen ceiling and the entire service balcony, it really wasn't any fun. I soon realised that taping stuff could be so tedious. I had also found my lost affinity with the ladder and I probably looks like a hairless ape climbing up and down, taping and painting. Wife came over to join me for lunch and went back home as she has other appt in town. Mother came over and helped out as well.

By the end of it I was tired and not really in a very talkative mode and that I virtually forced myself to bed at about 1 as I had to digest a few thing that doesn't go very well in my mind.

The next day got up bright and early to do even more painting and fortunately, only the storeroom. Wasn't easy when 1 has to climb up and down in a confined space with plenty of shelves.

REalised that this weekend isn;t really my day as I actually left my phone in the new house on Saturday and my sandals decided to separate between the sole and the strap. While ironing, realised that the thermostat decided that the best temperature for an iron is a total melt down..... nearly lost my shirt.

After done with the shirt, went out to catch Zathura, not bad.... its basically Jumaji in Space. Got a new pair of sandals from Hangten as well as a pair of shirt for me and 1 more for wifey.

Followed by a 2hour session of badminton with just the 4 of us and realised that, damn, I need alot of work on my swing and that I am not really getting younger.

Woke up at 7 on monday morning just so that I can everyone that I am on leave to attend a talk in NTUC income. Interesting thing about the enn newsletter and I decided that I might just sign up for it.

Ran some errand for the office to bring a router from the Holding office to our datacenter, caught a bus back and stopped over at Bukit TImah for a quick bite. Nothing fantastic really....

In the mean while, calls from the office seems to be coming in and that i rushed home just before the shit (real) hits the fence. Seems like I can get out of the office but I cannot get out of working, well, all will be normal again tomorrow as I return to the office.....I hope.

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