Monday, December 19, 2005

Another weekend burned

It was one of those weeks that left in a haze and left me even more tired.
2 full day spent at the new house painting it and it is now painted to a certain extend. More to go surely, in fact I am pretty sure that I will have a white christmas thanks to all the white paint we will use.

Managed to catch some zzzzzz's on Saturday afternoon before setting off to catch Budak Pantai at the esplanade.

It was entertaining but I do find that I had heard the performance before or most of it. It is one of those things that despite hearing for the nth time, the n+1 time will still be funny.

Stopped by the Glutton Bay after that as we are both hungry. And after reading what Mr Brown had said about upgrading, I wasn't too disappointed with some of the food but I did find something that really worth the wait and the hype. And I will actually put that down in the next post.

Sunday was even more gruelling and I was too tired to even fall asleep.

Well, back to work today......


The Student said...

Merry Christmas =)

putitthisway said...

And a happy new year