Sunday, May 07, 2006

And the vote is cast

And the vote is cast

With the last count of the vote done and all the result announced, it seems like the distribution of power did not change with the passing of the election.

However, an obvious trend that did not go unnoticed was the increase in the percentage of votes garnered by the oppositions had gone up noticeably. While the Prime Minister walked away to what he claims to be a strong mandate, the opposition probably celebrated their baby step towards a long road to having more voice in the opposition.
For Mr Chiam, what it meant for him is that the people in Potong Pasir wanted him to stay and while Mr Setoh and Mr Low (Eric) would need to work harder to hand out even more goodies till the next election, either that, or their chief might just have them replaced as they made little headway to winning back the 2 seats after 10 years of hard work.

What I am looking forward to would be:

1). Would Steve Chia make good his word and exit politics altogether?
2). Who will be the new NCMPs and will we have 5 instead of 1?
3). Would Potong Pasir be drawn into a GRC in the next time?
4). Or would Mr Chiam be SERS out of another victory?
5). Will SDP finally become a opposition party that walk into the history
6). Will it be 200 Million dollar carrot for Hougang in 2011.
7). Will Gomez be sent to jail?

Anyway, it has been an interesting election and as we go back to life as usual, I do hope that the oppositions take this as a shot in the arm to spur them on and does not trip over themselves, falling flat and disappoint the people anymore.

And I do hope that those being put in power understand the underlying sentiments the numbers in the poll, the slight swing and knows that while carrots and candies are nice, but we prefer not to have a drumstick only to return a chicken or 2 even.

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