Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Man or Boar, you decide

Sad I am, yes.

To see that boorish behaviour and strong-arm tactics being brought to bear on other people.
We all know that this day and age, it is now impossible to hold against the tide of popular opnion and also the internet created an online community whose voice could not be drown out even when it is in contrary to other traditional media.

This is even more the case when highlighted by this little article by Mr Miyagi which is posted on Today.

Interesting result ensues not to the amazement of everyone.

Those frequent the forum found the contested thread locked and removed with the owner of the business in question threatening to sue the forums.

Also, it seems like the customer is not spared as well, the business owner apparantly picked up the customer's email address which happens to be his company email address and talked to the company.

High handed it is and unfortunately, it goes to show that high handedness and implied bullying can still get you your right of way. Unfortunately, the damage is now doen and those which read the thread will now realised that it is no longer under wraps.........


Paddy Tan said...

With the threat of lawsuits, he may just sealed the reputations of his Gmask, indefinitely.

putitthisway said...

reputation....still have meh???

Paddy Tan said...

Still have...bad ones :)