Saturday, August 20, 2005

1 Holiday less

There will not be any contest and that again, we will wait another 6 yrs to see if we have the chance to choose our President.

Also it clearly means that we will not have 1 more day of public holiday

Let me make it straight in the first place that I am no supporter of Mr Kwan. In fact, even if he is nominated, he will not be getting my vote. But that's my choice at the poll and that it would have been every single eligible voters choice should the prez election came.

The whole idea is that, we choose.

But the whole concert of event that took place shows that I am not trusted to cast my vote, in fact, it seems that we as voters are dangerous and need protection from ourselves.

Well, the moment that Mr Kwan stepped up to the plate, he was quite doomed to fail. Very simple, he has a few skeleton in his closet and that, he did not keep it shut too well, making him an easy prey to anyone that would like to pry and make for all to see his failing and the mismatch of him with the office that he is aspiring for. In fact, his statement that he is holding all the prestigious office just so that he can be qualified sound pretentious at best.

Then come to his 3 year stint at JTC. For goodness sake, he is there just to clock time so to speak and he is allowed to be there for 3 yr as a band 4 performer and according to his own admission, paid performance bonus.......That makes it interesting that :
1). he is allowed there despite his poor performance.
2). allowing a non-performer in such key position out of kindness of heart is doing an injustice to the corporation.

As for His stint at Highflux, I shan't comment.

But yet, this raise question that has the bar been set to allow people with aspiration only to hold key position for that period and that those that should truly run for the job had been kept out due to this bar? that I guess is the question that begs to be answered.

No matter how right they are in not issuing the cert, the damage is done. Those that are critical of the whole election process will be more entrench in their belief that election is nothing more than mere shadow play. The people have their president elected or not and this issue will be close for another 6 years.

While we have president since our independence, it is only in the laast decade that the poeple are in a way or another, involved in the process of electing the government in the sense that the purpose of the president act as a 2nd key to the reserves and in a way, check and balance the parliament. The office is not executive in authority with the exception of pardoning deathrows, have lesser impact than countries like United states. While some can say that the brits are fine with only the Prime minister as the head of Parliament, lets not forget that in existence, there is a House of Lords not unlike that as an upper house which can have a say in the issues and policies of the kingdom.

All I am trying to say, if boils down to a statement,will be that, this chapter is now close but it is high time that we look at the candidates so far and rethink the process less it becomes an issue that none amidst the 400~500 eligible would want to run for the office and that those who did, less the exceptions are qualified.

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