Tuesday, February 07, 2017

A more satisfactory ride

was out 1 day before another train services outages was experienced on the North South line.
My simple take on it was that when you lower your expectation, satisfaction rate will go up.we used to take pride in our national public transport, think that all failures will be rectified swiftly, however, in disappointment we came to the acceptance that our World class public transport system is as real as our aspiration to field a world cup team.
And that the failure has to be taken as a norm rather than an outrage as I can always get a certificate at the counter of MRT to show that I am late thanks to train delay...... they now have notices to help N, O and A level to go to  a nearby exam center when there is a massive train delay. The general level of emergency preparedness went up as emergency due to train outages takes place regularly And that if we keep this up, we may one day finally will be allowed to work from home, not because we embraces the idea but because it makes more sense for people to work from home rather than to lose an hour or 2 due to train outages

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