Friday, May 09, 2014

What the P**

Seems like roof top is where the actions are taking place this week.
Just earlier this week,  a young couple decided that the rooftop of a local polytechnic is a perfect spot to procreate

(And yes, photo was taken and I believe the young couple was invited down by the security off the roof top.)

And within the week, someone did the unthinkable and put up some grafitti on another rooftop for the whole world to see

Now, its nothing new that there will always be some that are disgruntled or even angry with the government and the party that forms it. I am not not a staunch support of PAP. However,I personally does not condone vandalism, especially things with little artistic or information value. In this case, this is venting, pure and simple, and serves little purpose at all.
However, to actually managed to pull off a feat like this, I must say that the person or the group needs to applauded for their bravery as there are little room to stand on and that loosing one's footing there is almost guaranteed death. So, whatever grievance there is, it must be rather serious to do something like that.

What is more interesting here is the reaction. We are in a nation that are not ashamed of censorship, in fact, it is so ingrained in some of us, and especially the media to practice self-censorship, to refrain from crossing the line so to speak. However, some form of censorship made the whole thing laughable

in this case, it seems like PAP has been censored together with FUCK, and makes 1 wonder that if it was realised that at 1 broad stroke, PAP is now a vulgarity that needs to be bleep off as well.

And really, wouldn't blanking up that offending sentence be alot better?

And anyway, the uncensored version had made its way around the internet and most likely circulating a few times on whatsapp and whats not. I guess the next thing to do will be to remove camera phone like SAF red zone or censor every messages and internet posting.

Another laughable attempt will be to claim that, the attempt, which resulted in someone gaining access to the rooftop, spent time to actually paint on the entire wall and was not caught was considered that the security protocol was not breached?

laughter aside, there are now proof that anger is present. angry with the government. And that the handling of the incident is the reason why, a party that refused to see, and denies everything that puts them in a bad light. And I do hope, that some reflection is to be done and not just to have an inquiry that achieves nothing and implementing surveillance that only result in an increase in the Service and conservancy charges.

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