Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Please stand at attention

Seriously, Standing and MRT are 2 things when combined, something that I don't Like.
That is until I recently read this post about standing in MRT, and I find it amusing.
That it is suggested that NSMEN should stand in a crowded MRT train.

I think that it is simply amazing that because the writer spotted 3 servicemen sitting in a crowded train, the rest of the servicemen, must hence forth stand in the crowded train.

Now, first of all, there is a need to define crowded. is it crowded when the writer has to stand in the train. Hence, the servicemen is not allow to sit?

As for the need to re-instill pride, good bearing and decorum to their men. Or do they want me to give that pep talk on their behalf?

I am not sure about pride, but good bearing? where they slouching unbearably? or mayhaps sleeping?
I supposed that they should have at least sit ramrod straight or if the writer have his way, stand at Salang Diri from point A to point B? And to pep talk on the Chief of the services behalf, sorry, I don't know what is his rank, but I am guessing probably a senior officer or a few star at least

I think that nobody in a camouflage smart 4 is thinking of hiding, at least I don't see them applying any tactical cover or remove their rank, unit and name on their uniform. This is to say that they did not feel that they did something wrong. 

Which is coming to the next thing, to write a directive to tell the servicemen that they are to stand in a crowded train, come, may I also suggest that in order to enforce that, MPs and RPs are supposed to enforce that. 

Which comes to another point at the end that the writer mentioned about the NCC days in school. Now, I hate to point out, NCC is a CCA and that it is done once a week or maybe longer during school vacation.

NSMEN serves not a day a week, they serve for 2 years and after that, until 40 or until they complete their cycles, they get called back, for days if not weeks. 

I hate to tell someone that it is work, and sometimes it is hard work. and unless it is clear that the servicemen took up a reserved seats and refused to give it to someone more needy, I think this is plain nitpicking, pure and simple. 

All the talk about appreciating our servicemen comes to naught when we have people who picks on them as such and takes the high horse with little more than NCC experience to boot; That, is an insult to the person which answered the call to protect the nation, who are citizens like you and me. And may lose their life  in the line of duty.

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