Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ungreen our Bus

I had done my ICT about a month back and so, I am pretty sure that this lady is not talking about me. But I do find her point of view interesting

I was bringing my children home from Downtown East last friday when a group of army boys boarded the bus with us. Gosh they were so smelly and disgusting that my kids started to make sick faces at me. Their sweaty body touch mine hands and my kids and I glared at them. SAF should really ban their soldiers from taking the bus. Can't they take taxis with their pay? What are our tax payer money for? Somemore they come from tekong dunno got any germs or virus with them. Later they spread to my children and worse to us. Hope the relavant authorities take note
In case you are wondering if this was a figment of my imagination,

Think Again.

But in some ways, though warped and perverted, I do agree with her.
In fact, I would reckon that its time to give our boys in green their dues and that make it the law that all Taxi are supposed to ferry our boys in Green, when they are in uniform, to anywhere on the island for a flat fee of $2.

That will stop them from spreading their germs to the public and also to recognise them for the work that they are doing and the sacrifice that they are making. It is probably obvious to people reading this, that I am under certain influence when writing it.

As to JusticeLegal, whoever she might or is supposed to be, I have the following in reply.

Dear JusticeLegal,

I have chance upon your short post in SGforum and I will just use this as the platform to reply to you this,

While you might consider yourself fortunate to never have been wife to a NSmen or a full time SAF servicemen, I cannot stop wondering what is the circumstances that induce this, was it that he was found lacking which was why he was never enlisted. OR that he hails away from our shores.
In anyway, calling our NSmen boyscout brings to light that you bear certain misgivings and prejudice against the institution that is SAF. Granted that it does have some shortfall, but unless you are in it, I do feel that you do not have the calibre to brand them as such.
And to top it off, while on thisisland, in the event of war, they will be the one to protect you among others. As such, your remark is unkind to simply diss the men and women that will take up arms and lay down their life to afford you, your hunband and your 2 daughters safety and security.
As for germs, they carry just as any other people. As such, by banning people on our public transport, you are probably no better than those who brought forth the Apartheid? And might I remind you that as your namesake sounds, a learned in law that this will commit our fair government to breach an international law?
And to ask the Nsmen to take taxi will be to make them spend beyond their means. Would you happened to know that their allowance is only 350 a month? The taxes you pay is nary enough and that they are bound to have no other employment beyond this. And hence, you are chasing them out of the bus, not to take a taxi but to walk?
And I would like again to remind you that, just as you are the mother to your daughters, they are their mothers' son and that are you not being disrespectful to their mother as well?
And finally, I would like to end this by giving you this advice
Go take a cab yourself. In fact, you should just get a car and be driven around Singapore. Of course, it will be better that you, your daughters get out of this stinky island.

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