Friday, February 06, 2009

The beast in me

I try to put up a civil front most of the time. Not out of fear of reprisal, but fear that the beast in me might be out of control. I am probably one of those, while drinking... will tend to get while, but little does people knows that even then, I retain full faculty. Guess that there is a little of a control freak in me.

despite how lousy this week has been so far, I do in fact yell alot at people. But all was done in deliberation. As I began to realised that despite us in a civil society, a show of force and a raise of voice still does wonder to get one's point across.

you can consider it the modern way of gunship politics.
But even madness needs method, least it is only mindless lunacy. Showing of force, which I like to call it, needs to be done in such a way that it delivers the message and emphasis it without losing the plot and without getting 1 into trouble.

It is more than a raising one's voice or for that matter, the banging of tables and using angry word.... Words should be carefully chosen and never should they be foul. Threaten not but always say something that you can back up. Be vague at times but descriptive if necessary, but always, always, take to the extreme and know this, the whole idea is not just to get your message across, but to vent it as such that at least you feel better.

End of the day, I can either chose to die young with all frustration in me, or I can get a safety valve to let it out and let it out on those that rightly deserves it.

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