Monday, June 04, 2007

Lifting Experience

Living in a HDB flat is really an experience.
But nothing beats taking the lift.

You see, it used to be that the lift only opens up to 3 or 4 floors of a block. If you are the lucky bastard that stays on those floor where the lift lands, it means that you will have no woes of lugging heavy stuff and that your movers will thank you. If not, good luck.

However, the have the fortune of staying in a newer block of flats which lands at every floor, even the basements.

It was one of those morning that I got in on the lift, what wasn't common was that there was this woman that was standing right next to the door.

She didn't as much move a bit to allow me entry.

Whats worse, she started to stare at me. (Or Glaring was far more appropriate)

And not before long, she started to confront me and tell me that I should have waited till she get out of the lift before rushing in.

Now, even after a year at the new place, I have not met or talk to everyone on that same floor. But I am pretty sure that she isn't staying on the same floor as I am. Given the fact that the lift was on its way down. I can only guess that she thought that I was at the first floor.

Which then I had to just ask her, " Were you getting out at the third floor?"

Only then did she realised that the lift was at third floor on its way down to the first.

It is then it dawn on her that
1). She has been absolutely surly in her attitude
2). She would have been spared all these if she had just opened her eyes.

This is one of those cases of jumping to conclusion without fact or plain observation.

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