Saturday, January 14, 2006

Food (Dis)tasting

This is the first and the only time that I am doing this, so there is alot of things that I am doing for the first and I do hope that as the only time, it can be just ok.

However, I seems to keep getting spanner into my plans, having problem with the photo studio, interior decor company and now the restraunt.

By all meaning and intend, food tasting is for us to know for sure and be confident of the dishes that will be served during the wedding banquet. Unfortunately, the food tasting left me with distaste and abolute despair about the food served.

The whole food experience can be summarised with just 1 word: Bland.
the vegetables are just raw vegetables cooked. Something that even someone that doesn;t know how to cook will probably do better if they follow a cookbook. It all tasted like the cook never bothered to put in the right sauce.

The fish tasted weird and out of all the comments, everyone either thought that it is over or undercocked or just plain weird.

In summary, the whole experience made me look forward to the wedding dinner with dread.

I would hope that they can come out with some miracle to salvage the whole thing.... But hope, like miracle is a denial of truth.


The Student said...

Come try the food at my work place =) Upper thomson road, casuraina road 134, the xin xiang seafood restaurant. I am waiter there cum kopi boy cum gofer cum multi-tasker. whatever. As long as I get that $1100 per month.

putitthisway said...

isit the one next to the pierce resrvoir and have a japanese retraunt and roti pratta???

The Student said...

Yeah! You been there before?

putitthisway said...