Friday, July 29, 2005

Change? What change?

There is an unsavoury post in the IT department which is known as CHANGE MANAGEMENT.
Normally, it is a post held by some dead weight which is not promotable, grouchy 3/4 of the time and usually equate with the firing post.

On top of that, they will be the last person made known should there be any changes in the Department.

What normally happens is that, there will be some changes on the servers or some patches needs to be done.

While those powers that be will set a time frame of minimum 7 days to a month for such a change to be made known and communicated.

Most in charge of it will put it off till about 7 hours till the absolute last day that the change need to be done.

The form will then be duly completed ( All wrong as usual) and that the so called Change Manager will send a communication to the entire world to say that there will be a change and that all the IT manager will have that poor sod for breakfast.

What is even better is that, Changes can be so all-encompassing and diverse that, the definition of change can be changed in just a conversation

Project Manager " We need to apply this patch to our file server this lunch time, can you communicate?"

Change Manager " Sure, time is now 11:30am, So, what am I suppose to tell the users?"

PM " I dunno, BTW, is this even a change? I am just applying a patch."

CM "Which in your book, is not a change?"

PM "There is really no user impact at all?"

CM "Then why tell me if this is not a change?"

PM "We need to inform the users?"

CM "You do have email?"

PM "But this is a change?"

CM "You just say that it isn't a change and there is not user impact"

PM "No User impact whatsoever"

CM "But you write here that you need to reboot the server."

PM "Except that."

CM "And the user can still use the server when it is being rebooted."

PM "But we are behind schedule and that there is severe security implication"

Which end of the day, the CM lan lan suck thumb, send the communication only to have the Finacial Director came by, knock on the door of the IT Director and call off the whole change.....


Hope they are paid peanuts (nope)

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Paddy Tan said...

There are those that work to survive and there are those that work to improve oneself but there are also those that work to irate others around him. hahahaha