Saturday, January 31, 2015


近日重温梁祝这经典, 发现原来这典故还挺好用的。
基本上, 已经有成就百搭经典的门道,达到不朽的殿堂。
成就了, 升学宝典,反推经验,书生YY,以及其它不具名引经据典的妙用108式。
但,近期最引人瞩目的, 非引以为'不察' 的引据莫属。
这故事,之所以会成为经典, 升华至续庄周之后,唯一的化蝶,那间私塾的不察有着难以推诿的责任, 基本上,最少,梁祝的两条人命。私塾的不察,有着一定的关系。
别的不说,只是叫祝家小姐把裤子脱下, 大小姐立马打道回府。 梁公子就无需英年早逝, 祝小姐更不用,在大婚之日,玉殒香消了。

所以, 需要正视的,这个典故,也是个悲剧。悲剧的因缘,是一个失察的使然。
失察,是一个失误, 若把失察,当成是一个常态, 造就的,将会是一场又一场悲剧。抱着失察是常态的人, 如果不是变态或是白痴,就是绝对的有严重的心障。将其毁灭跟斩妖除魔的功德无二。
曾经有人说过,祝小姐从未被识破, 无外乎利益与关系二由。 孰是孰非,也以无从考证。

Ashes to Ashes

And in this case, it should not be dust to dust.
It does seems like the dust has settled somewhere in Sengkang and that Eternal Pure Land will need to seek out another piece of land for their business in selling a little piece of paradise in the afterlive

Firstly, I must say that, while there are missteps in how the authorities are handling the matter, the future residence should note that, there will still be a temple there, eventually. And that, despite all the misgivings, religious, superstitious stands, the whole idea probably boils down to, Money.
Money as the possible resale value of the house will go down, the convenience and such. No matter what misgivings that they have, are not really problem, but issues that can be addressed when you have enough money and resources thrown in to mitigate all possible issues.

However, this is where everything  gets interesting. the authorities initially seems to have taken a stand to not spend too much money to address the issues. How is that so?

one of the points raised was that it was part of ancillary function was cremation and funeral services.
but unfortunately, Eternal Pure has the aim of making the ancillary function as the core function of the site.

Another point raise about traffic, instead of improving the road and increase the parking, it came to the point of provision of bus services to the temple and manning of roads to prevent illegal roadside parking.

Guess bus company's bottom line and that traffic enforcement income is set to increase.

But at the end, it does seems that Eternal Pure Land, was found out as a commercial entity with no religious affiliation and that on their website, it was clear that the land was use as a "Premium Columbarium"  

The land in question, besides sitting in the middle of some BTO estates, was not a free piece of land given to some religious body so that they can provide, besides a place of worship, community services and such. It was a tendered and that as with most, if not all tender, it was awarded to the highest bidder. It was a financial transaction and not a good will gesture. As such, should the money be redirected to the residence to mitigate their concern, it would have been less of a bitter pill to swallow. 

On top of which, should the whole columbairum comes to being. All the problem that the residence faced will be brownie points for any politicians who came their way and resolve it for the residence. And naturally, the solution will not be paid for from the MP's allowance or the minister's salary. 

I am glad that the episode came to pass in the way it is. But of course, there are more things to laugh about but that is fodder for another post.