Wednesday, May 23, 2007

1 long and tiring weekend - Friday Part 2

Just when we were leaving Geek Terminal, I got a call from my mother.
She asked me the same question that she has been asking throughout the week as to where I was going.

However, this time, she asked if it was possible for me to cancel my trip.......

Only managed to gather from her that she saw on the news, a huge wave swept the coast of Indonesia and....

And you know it, Bali was affected.....

So much for a quiet trip to a safe and beautiful resort.
Anyway, it was getting late and that we were heading home to get ready for another long day for Saturday.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

1 Long and tiring weekend - Friday

It has been another 1 of those long hiatus from this blog. Yes, I am not the most consistent of blogger, but I do come back...

I am gearing up for another short trip in Bali, and no, its work, not play that will bring me to that beautiful, if now treacherous spot.

I spent Friday night with the gang from Want To Trade in that new place that Shawn recommended, and I dare say, a great place it is.

In case you are wondering where the hell it is, it is

The Geek Terminal

A place where once and future geek should hang out and chill.
And here is a photo of all the geeks there

The company was fun as always as we all got cracked up with the antics and jokes of Paddy and Izel. When they are not too busy having domestic their usual lovey dovey ways.

Iris and DK was there as well. Not to mention Shawn and Hong Jia.

East Coast Life and her husband joined us shortly. All in all, it was great fun

What make this place so great is simply the concept behind it.
It is a place where you get free wireless broadband and the ability to connect up all your geeky gadgets.

Besides the concept of connect, I dare say that the coffee there is fantastic and to food is definitely great.

I was too busy wolfing it down that there really isn't anything to share with any of you.

But you can have a look at the desert and drool

So, what are you waiting for, go on down, let your inner geek out and be connected...